These aren’t the best of times
But they’re the only times we have
We worry and we wonder what’s to come.
But before it all goes by in a flash or a sigh
There’s something my heart needs to say to you.

There’s only here there’s only now
There’s only you and me
This precious time is all we have for all we know.
Let’s take a chance Let’s face the dark and whisper every word
For every feeling left unspoken is a love song left unheard
The light of day may steal away this moment’s mystery
But here and now there’s only you and me.

There’s only you there’s only me
There’s only here and now
This falling star will never fall again
Before the night can fade away before the flame is gone
Let it turn into an ember that will burn into the dawn
For in the end, who can depend on what is yet to be
For here and now there is only you and me.

We can make tonight a memory
Not a dream that might have been
If tomorrow comes between us
Still for you I’d do it all again.

(Music interlude)

And in the end who can depend on what is yet to be
For here and now, there’s only you and me
For all my life – There’s only you and me.
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Here And Now Lyrics

Amanda McBroom – Here And Now Lyrics