When I'm alone at night
Alone in my room
When I switch off the light
Then my friends walk in
And my party begins

Welcome home Lil' Abner and Snoopy
Tarzan, great to see you again
Hi Sheena, Barbarella, Modesty
Glad you could join in the fun
My friends are Superman and Linus
Dear Andy Capp and Doctor Strange
We talk and play all night between us
I'm not alone (you're not alone)
I'm not alone anymore

Welcome home dick Tracy and Tom Mix
Gee, it's great to see you old man
Hi Mandrake, hello Flash Gordon
Glad you could come once again
There's Donald Duck chattin' up Blondie
Pravda and the Wizard of it
Batman and Robin the life of the party
I'm not alone (you're not alone)
I'm not alone anymore

Well, it's sure, it's a nice party tonight
All my favourite friends, are here
Did you remember to invite Charlie Brown
And Snowhite, Vampirella?
Can I get you a drink?

Welcome home Lil' Abner and Snoopy...

Thank you for comin'
It's a lovely party
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