I don't mean to tell you something about you
But you're looking unsettled
Lone riders pulling all nighters
But you're always nice and steady
Weigh stations got your troubles parading
But the problems never seem to hang on
Unabated so you must have been hated
Everybodys got to clean up faking

I don't wanna tell you cuz you're looking that way
Fine tooth combing everyone that you know
Sit around and wonder how you keep up the mainstay
Take a look around can you fight this feeling

You're fine looking but it seems youre undusted
Have you anything to say
And roads traveled are desires unsaddled
But you're going all the way
And I've fallen so you say that I'm wasted
But you're moving on and doing nothin
You're losing faith in all the things that you've tasted
Don't you know what you're missing
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Mainstay Lyrics

AM – Mainstay Lyrics

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