[Verse 1]
We fall, we climb
Sometimes, Sometimes
Our hearts, Are to wild
Sometimes, Sometimes

I can't believe
That I fell for
How I fell for you
I couldn't see
You had me blind
But I had a good time

Wish it was meant to be
My California Love, California Love
It got the best of me
My California love, California Love
Oooaaa, Ooo aaa
My California Love
California Love

[Verse 2]
I knew, it was all, in my mind
In my mind
Though it wasn't real, it still
Hurts to leave you behind, behind

It was just a moment that we had
Ooo aaa
Just want that feelin’, don't need you back
Ooo aa
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California Love Lyrics

Alyssa Light – California Love Lyrics

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