I'm afraid of you, you're the one that I run to.
And although I know, I still know... I just can't seem to let you go.

Timing's off, feeling's lost and re-found.
Used to date, we used to hate, now rebound.
You may hide behind fear, but when I'm near...
Surface of, cloudy love, becomes clear.

The longer we wait, the more time we waste...

It's natural to be with you, we both feel something now.
They say that I'd be better off, without you I don't see how.
I've always wanted to feel like this, and I know you feel the same.
I've longed for you, I've longed for this, inside your arms, the longest kiss.

So try and see in me what you refuse.
Almost gave up, still I was up front, honest and true.
Well if we take our chance, try to make this last...
Others only dream of what they will see... And that's real romance.

[Repeat Refrain and Chorus]
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The Longest Kiss Lyrics

Alyssa Jacey – The Longest Kiss Lyrics