I beleive in magic
I believe in miracles
And I believe dreams coming true
But I don't believe in fairy tales no not after you
Things may happen for a reason but what you did was not planned
Why would you hurt me like that oh oh oh man
Why did you do it
Smack me around like I'm a doll
And I just took it
Once in for all
I'm standing up for myself
You need to go this my house
And your no good for my wealth
Anything can happen just know I'm prapered
If you come around sayin your sorry it may be bad for your health
I believe we r done and I believe I just one
I get your money and our kids
Just know I am no onger yours
I bieleve in anything but you
Yes I believeeeeeeeee
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I Believe Lyrics

Allison – I Believe Lyrics