I sitll love you just a little bit
Even though you're so inconsiderate
It's your smile, there's somethin' that it does to me

I break down, thinkin' that it's over now
Then you leave me breathless, only you know how
But, this time I've already made up my mind

I'm like oh, oh
Givin' me another lie
It's like no, oh
Heard it all a thousand times

Cuz you always seem to leave out somethin'
But if you're with me, it's all nothin'
All you need to know is I'm not scared of letting go
You were everything I thought I wanted
Now, goodbye, I saw it comin'
You've done this to me a thousand times
And that's one more reason why
I hate you

You thought I was so innocent
Until you finally pushed me to my limit
Don't stop, you know just how to get to me

I breakout, thinkin' it's all right
Then thinkin' 'bout you every night
Can't explain how keep doin' this to me

(Repeat bridge)
(Repeat chorus)

And I never thought I'd give so much to
Someone who gives me nothin'
Now I know it's the same every time
And that's one more reason why

(Repeat chorus 2X)

That's one more reason why
I hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you
That's one more reason why
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One More Reason Lyrics

Allison Iraheta – One More Reason Lyrics