I've seen the moonrise in a turquoise sky,
One time out Cheyenne way.
This simple beauty left me hypnotized,
Like standing in your gaze.

The first time that I ever held you close,
You stole my breath away,
Like sunlight breaking through the Tulsa rain
You changed the dark to day.

No other woman ever made me feel
A love so real so true.
I've searched a lifetime in a lonely world,
My restless heart chose you.
It's clear to see... you'll always be,
My final rose.

Your precious love gives me a peace of mind
Like tequila in my veins.
Your passion knows no end or borderline
Like fire on the plains.

When midnight leaves you with a fragile grace -
A tangled mystery -
Wrap your fears inside my warm embrace,
Your heart is safe with me.

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My Final Rose Lyrics

Allen Karl – My Final Rose Lyrics

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