Baby, now that your answer is no
You think I'll just give up and go
But you don't know me

Baby, it's hardest of all in the night
You think I'll give up with no fight
It's just not right

I will be your
Shadow in the street
I'm not easy to lose
I don't know when I'll be
I will be the ground
Beneath your feet
You can walk all over me
Cause I don't know
When I'll be

Baby, how did you turn out so well
You know I'm still under your spell
And it's not easy

Baby, you act like
We never were one
As though we had never begun
But it won't end

[Repeat chorus]

What you gave
You can't take back
But you know I'm not having that
It won't be easy, oh, no

[Repeat chorus]
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(I Will Be Your) Shadow In The Street Lyrics

Allan Clarke – (I Will Be Your) Shadow In The Street Lyrics