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Bring It On Lyrics

All Together Separate – Bring It On Lyrics

I know what you’re doing why don’t you just hurry up and bring it on
You have twisted everything now I’m here to get it straight
I can see right through your lies because I am the truth so bring it on
And you’ve got your part to play but so have I so let’s get it on

Bring it on
Cause you’ve been given everything you need
And there’s no way to take this bitter cup from me
So I’ll give my life if that’s how it must be
So bring it on

I am the one, so bring it on

The time to escape has passed and I roam for eternity
Someday it was all going to boil down just you and me
Ever since the flood they’ve all been trying to make it right
So prepare the altar cause it’s time for a sacrifice
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