Silvia, I'm sorry,
You've waited too long for this song,
But now, don't worry, it's better later than never,
So here it goes.

Let there be rain when you in sorrow,
Let there be sun when you're ok,
And let's pretend that this song, is from your friend gay,


Silvia, everything's gonna be ok,
Silvia, no matter where you are,
You will always brighten our days.

Life's to short for being a good girl,
Even when it feels so wrong,
It's better be living, rather than existing, yeah
So let the show begin, oh.

You'll spread your wings, fly away, (you-u-u)
Just hold on to your dreams, every every day, (you-u-u)
Just please remain as you are -
You're a shooting star

[Chorus x2]

Silvia, believe me, girl, you'll never fail, yeah
Silvia, No matter where you are, you'll always brighten our days,
Our days, yeah-h-h
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Silvia Lyrics

Alive Way – Silvia Lyrics