Your spirit wakes
In my heart
You chase out dark (x2)
Your spirit takes
Us to where you are
Where you are

Forever we will sing

You are great and mighty
You have saved us from the fall
From the fall
You have won the battle
You will see us through it all
Through it all

Every chain thrown away
You washed it all (x2)
It's by your name
That the lame will walk
And we will run, and run, and run, and run

You’ve called me out by name
To know you and your ways
Forever I will sing
Oh Holy is your name

You are great God
You have saved me from
All of my sinful ways
Flooded my life with grace
Saved me from the fall, now I stand tall
Soarin’ like an eagle lord you see me through it all
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Great And Mighty Lyrics

Alive City – Great And Mighty Lyrics