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Ruri No Ame (English) Lyrics

Alice Nine – Ruri No Ame (English) Lyrics

If I strain my ears, the echoing sound is
The memory of early summer, the season of hydrangeas...

You tried to walk away without holding up an umbrella
Your receding figure, lapis lazuli-coloured scent, I was calling out to you

Goodbye comes along like a squall
The faint warmth is because of you
You say it's for our sake, and wave your hand
The rain of emotion streams down my cheek

When I tried to hide my wet eyelids
The sound of your heartbeat trembled in the silence

What should I have said, what should I have
Tried to tell you? I couldn't have noticed, so

The rain that fell from the cloudy sky, these drops
Are they for hiding my sadness and teary eyes?
Holding an umbrella, I covered my eyes with my hand, and cast them down
I looked up at the transparent sky

The heartbeats that resound and blend, they no longer exist
I held my fingers up above my head, I can't reach
That precious flicker, and that voice
We can't go back to the way we were at that time
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