F/ az

[Verse 1-Az]

Indecent thoughts, (???) niggas seeking support

Thief niggas never last, most sneak and get caught

Peep the cross, weak convos keeping it short

Shit shaky, shook niggas leak in they shorts

Who rule this, I run thru this unstrapped and foolish

Niggas is jeweless, feeble minded, young and foolish

New era, to me it's who whatever

Blunts, bottles, bitches, we could do whatever

I'm a made nigga bk, my trays is bigger

Niks is sick, dimes could eat away at yo liver

Live in the flesh

Two faced canvassers the best

Street repper, loved it (???) was the best

Az and Ali, how we spit is how we sit and poly

It ain't shit, respect the game

[Verse 2-Ali Vegas]

Don't worry bout it A, I got it from here

Ain't shit gone change, I'm still the same nigga

Young face, old soul, powerful brian


Back when Cat was running Queens, New York

I had a younger singer talk, gun slinger walk

Slanging chalk inside a Lincoln park, fiends and narks

Shine like a rainbow, A speak into the mic with a strange flow

Everyday that light in my brian glow, Brettas and white Drangos

Ever since Nikes and Kangos, rap was mine

I mastered lines to make old vets feel pass their prime

My staff'll shine off my shash of rhymes

Half the time you catch me cooking O's

Crooks and foe stand shook and frooze when Vegas open up his book of flows

I'm off the hook with thoose

Punching niggas, mushing hoes

Sosa copped a Velar jacket to match with the four-matic

Ali Vegas is a raw savage that'll squeeze off and let y'all all have it

Now here it goes
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The Co-signing (feat. AZ) Lyrics

Ali Vegas – The Co-signing (feat. AZ) Lyrics