... Hail king victorious!
... Rise to the throne from your own ashes!

The armies are back from the conquest of the infidels
To the land they bring honour and sacrifice to war-sun-god!
Some of our jaguars has lost life in the inmense battle
But others has came with hands full of proud victory!

... Glore!
To the land of our ancestors!
The glory had been forgotten in our ancient vastland!
Kill and maim all that stupid infidels, traitors!

March through death and obscure sacrifice,
To glore!
To honour our lords
... Of Death & Hate!

... King!
... You must take the throne by swords
... King!
... You must return to the throne victorious!

Great king of the furies
Grow up your weapons of black death
Demand us blood from the unfaithful
Offered in alinated human sacrifices

... King victorious!

To glore!
To honour our lords
... Hail king victorious!
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Hail King Victorious Lyrics

Alfa Eridano Akhernar – Hail King Victorious Lyrics