We will impose the power on your behalf!
The march has just begun and the fatigue is obvious
The hope that make us go on is only the greed of victory...

The ritual is now ready, the heart will be devoured!
Aztec forces get the hearts in his continuos crusade
The unmercy gods the unmercy faith demand their slaves of death
And in the temple the bodies fall brutally gutted!

Fear the powerfull of Huitzilopochtli!
We will impose the power on your behalf!

Face to face, death and power
With honour we must march
To the victory through mountains high
Until we face the horrible warsungod

The promise of a land...
Where we can rise and stand!
The promise of an empire...
Where our god can receive his sacrifice!
Where we will forge
The armies of our Mexica empire!

Blood and brotherhood... Courage and fate...
Make us found pur future, make us face this horror
To the war we're marching high without fear... But full of grit
Proud will be our land... When we have enslaved all that weaks

Imposition of divine laws! Exaltation of power!

Domain and humiliation; violent.
Found in the sacred names.
Tributes and human offerings.
Offering you our genital Automutilations
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Argumentum Ad Baculum Lyrics

Alfa Eridano Akhernar – Argumentum Ad Baculum Lyrics