As I approach it's clear to see
There's five of them and one of me
There's not the time to turn and flee
So shoulders back and count to three
The times have gone where you could plea
There's more of them behind the tree
Beckham is the chav god
He's the god of chavs
He's the king of have nots
Not the king of haves
Am I gonna get roughed up
And chewed and spat at beaten up
And kicked and knived and bloodied up
And left to die beside a truck
Just so they can have a look
Inside my wallet that they took
As I lie here cut and bruised
I wish that I was on a cruise
I should have ran I've nowt to prove
Instead I'm bleeding from my grooves
It's not like me I never lose
I think I've lost one of my shoes
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Chav Central Lyrics

alexthomasdavis – Chav Central Lyrics