Whys it so unclear
Aliens or god made us
While we live in fear
Nursing giant hangovers
So give a final cheer
Hope that good beats evil
She'd a final tear
As the world it teeters
Apocalypse or war
What a final choice
Wheres the open door
Whos the final voice
Apocalypse or war
What a true nightmare
Leaving people raw
With their own affairs
Whys it so unclear
Did greys write the bible
Will we ever hear
Or just get sued for libel
So have another beer
On a slanted table
It's enough to make you
Very suicidal
Open your mind
Put your feet up
Always unwind
Do what you please
Nobody knows
So stay out of reach
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Apocalypse Or War Lyrics

alexthomasdavis – Apocalypse Or War Lyrics