Oh baby, yes I'm sorry
Oh that's no way to say goodbye
No baby, Oh don't worry,
I believe I am to young to die
Oh is leaving me is easy
I'm the biggest fool of all
Oh is leaving me is easy,
Oh I lost behind the wall why does a man has to be strong,
If he needs your call

Girl, I need you, just in my heart more then words can say
Girl, I miss you, right from the star since you went away
If you leave me you'll take my breath away

Oh Baby, Oh we're walking,
Togheter through a lonely night
Oh Baby, Oh we're talking,
You can run bout you can't hide
If you found another love things ain't what they used to be
If you found another love,
I'm living with a memory why does a man has to be strong,
If you set him free

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I Need You Lyrics

Alexander – I Need You Lyrics