Started out with once upon a time
Little princess came into this life
An illusion of perfection
She had it all
Money, looks, and friends
Till the day her world
Her world came crashing down to an end

This is no fairy tale, this is reality
Might not be what you're ready to see
No fairy tale, no fairy tale, yeah
This is no perfect dream
Even though you cannot see
This is all true about me
True about me, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Since that day my world was a broken life
Everything was wrong
Couldn't make things right
It was shattered like glass
Luckily I had that perfect beginning
Maybe if things get better I'll have, have a happy ending


Love, love
Hate, hate
Tears, tears
Heartbreak, I said heartbreak


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
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Fairy Tale Lyrics

Alexa Dectis – Fairy Tale Lyrics

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