[Hook: Anna]
Keep on going you just gotta fight it
Keep on going cause it's not too late
You can't back down x2
Keep on going you just gotta fight it
Keep on going cause it's never too late
You can't back down x2

[Verse One: Alex Martin]
You can't back down man you gotta move forward
I know life suck's but quit acting like a coward
Suicidal thoughts, your mad you shout louder
Your girlfriends had enough man you're always yelling at her
On ground zero man you gotta climb the ladder
And giving up on life only make's it much harder
A road that divide's man you gotta go further
Quit standing in the middle and letting this time pass
Make something out of yourself
And bring yourself out of hell
Confidence was at a high but then it fell
And you can't trust noone man I know how it feels
You had your heart crushed by a dime in heels
Your school grade's low Mary-Jane's to blame
Just let her go man she's only fucking up your brain
Parents always fighting- holes in the walls
Depressed all day and the alcohol calls

[Hook: Anna]

[Verse Two: Alex Martin]
You dropped out of school now you're sitting on the couch
Needle marks on your arm, the hell is that about?
First Mary-Jane, now this? Are you insane?
You hit your bestfriend he's in the hospital full of pain
Pupils dialated don't think I don't know what's up?
Don't think I don't care because your parents do not give a fuck
I do care for you, man just let me try to help you
Your girlfriend's gone, she ain't even know about you
Used to weigh 130 man, now you're only 90
Shit's getting crazy, you're getting worse nightly
Went from that soft shit all up into that hard shit
Trynna avoid you everytime that the spoons lit
Asked me if I wanna hit but I ain't into that shit
They can help you get away from it
But you are too addicted
Please just let 'em help man I want my bestfriend back
But I lost you from that first Crystal Meth hit

[Hook: Anne (2x)]
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Can't Back Down Lyrics

Alex Martin – Can't Back Down Lyrics

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