It's nice you
Call me up long distance
Everything is fine with me

We lost touch
But had our reasons
Yes, I remember
How it used to be

Yes, I got your letter
I didn't want to have to say

Put away your love
Stop believing
Though I'm not married
Someone needs me
Put away your love
Things are different
Don't come to me
I'll keep the love I'm in

This old world just
Keeps on changing faces
Sorry to hear he left you
Oh, you left him

I understand what
You're going through
I've been to so
Many different places

No I won't be
Coming out that way
I didn't want to have to say

[Repeat chorus]

Who'd have believed
I'd ever settle down
I found a magic world
This time there is
No choice for you, yeah

[Repeat chorus]
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Put Away Your Love Lyrics

Alessi – Put Away Your Love Lyrics