Solidarity is still a weapon and everyday my heart is with the people,
My comrades and my friends, out on the streets
If they take these places they take our dreams
A capitalist crusade against our culture but we won't give in

Whoa Whoa
Let's fight together, tear them down
Whoa Whoa
Stand united
Whoa Whoa
Never forget, never forgive
Whoa Whoa
Let's go!

Our arms are chained together
Face to face with the enemy
I can feel the fear inside
But I won't look away, I won't step back
Noget er veard at kaempe for
And we still want it all, total freedom!
So let's stay side by side

I don't fear - prison with you by my side!
I ain't hopeless - when we're together in the streets!

Let's riot - together - 69 forever!
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In Solidarity Lyrics

Alert – In Solidarity Lyrics