He said he knew the road like the back of his own hand
He'd been on it a lifetime, still he wouldn't call it a friend
He said he guessed some people searched forever
For something they already owned
And he could have saved himself a whole lot of months
If he'd only known...

You can run like a river, turning over every stone
Search the world for a harbor
But the truth is you're already home
Already home Already home

He said he always traveled light, would let no one stake a claim
Went to empty a suitcase just to go and pack it up again
But he learned that love wasn't waiting somewhere
Like some perfect blushing bride
And he never found anyone who could save him
'Till he looked inside

[Repeat Chorus:]

There is a path to your heart
You can find happiness right where you are

[Repeat Chorus:]

Already home
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Already Home Lyrics

Alecia Nugent – Already Home Lyrics