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Pimp Squad Lyrics

Alchemist – Pimp Squad Lyrics

Verse 1 (T. I.)
Below da Mason-Dixon Line, hey, I'm da best you gon find...
Bottom line, I aint humble, cuz nigga its bout time...
Rather grind on da corner, hollin, I got dimes
Rather then know that I'm da best in this shit and not shine.
Give a fuck bout a clique if its not mine
Got rhymes, I'm da sign of da time, I'm not lieing
Nigga plannin on robbin me blind, start tryin
Got sumtin to but a end to 380's and glock nines
Shit you gotta shoot from ur shoulders, wont fit in holsters
Bid on ur life and force a forclosure..
I can rebuild S. W. A. T. 's all da yay dat I got..
I'm da king it don't matta if I say it or not
It don't matter if da old niggaz don't wanna say dat I'm hot..
It don't matter whether my first single was playin or not
Nigga I stay right here, never go gold, shoot nine videos, and drop records every year..
All da fake niggaz, feel real niggaz'll break..
Young, skinny, wit plenty whores, puttin niggaz to play..
Hey talk behind my back, you have me in ur face, wit da psc in ur safe, while you pee in ur cage!
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