Don't speak those words to me
You don't know what you're doing
You do it all too well
Why do you caress me
I tremble in your arms
Into my own hell
Don't, not again
Why again, not again
Don't, again
Why again, why
Why do you call me your everything
I'm nothing more than you've
Needed me to be
Don't speak those words to me
You want me for nothing new
I've lost who I am
I'm too much of something like you
Yet you're still too far away
To touch, to hold, to understand
You're just a man
But once the boy I raised
To a higher light
As I fell
As I crumbled in spite
Of myself
Don't, not again
Why again
No, not again
From you again
Why, again why
Don't say you love me
I love you has gotten me
This far behind
You know not what they mean
Till you speak them
From my lips
As myheart rips
For the last time
Why again
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Why Again Lyrics

Alarcon Ronaye – Why Again Lyrics

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