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Trouble Lyrics

Alannah Myles – Trouble Lyrics

When it comes to trouble
I don't think twice
When it comes to trouble
I've paid the price
I've let my guard down
And I been caught
There ain't a lesson baby
I ain't been taught

Comon' trouble
Ah hoo
I'm in trouble
Ah ooh, hoo, hoo hoo
I call 9, 1, 1, when I'm in a fix
When I need you baby I call 6, 6, 6,
I'm in trouble

You might be the last
You sure ain't the first
I could be the best for you baby

Or I could be the worst
If we let it slide
It'd be a crying shame
We got the same bad blood runnin' through our veins


Trouble, trouble 'round the bend
Trouble, I'm gonna get in you
I ain't lyin' baby,
Ah ooh, hoo, hoo hoo,
Comon' touble, damn that trouble
Comes to trouble, I need a fix,
I call 6, 6, 6, oh yeah, I'm in trouble again...
Uh, uh, uh uh huh, yeah
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