Warlec'h an dromatism-man, 'alec'h ar bresel-bed
Un emsav new-flamm breman ba 'Breizh a so ganet
An dispac'h a so fleunia dindan hon daoulagad
Laka'n oll bobl da sonjal piw eo he? Ha p'lec'h 'ya
Ganet eo bet hon dispac'h er bloazio? Hanterkant
Ga'are bagado? Ha Kendalc'h kenta? Paz an emskiant
Ganet eo an dispac'h-sen gant un dra 'rall iwez
Ga'c'houstia? S ekonomek ha gant an M. O. B.
Braset 'n eus an dispac'h-man 'el 'wrizienn ba'n douar
'Pad ar bloazio? Triuigent ha deit da voud kre? V 'walc'h
Gant Glenmor, ga'n you. D. B., ga'are bresel aljerien
Gant taolio? An F. L. B., gant emgann ar c'houerien
Ur paz all so tremenet e miz "Mae soixante-huit"
Hor stourm so bet kredaet, holl lentegezh 'so aet kuit
Kudenno? Ekonomik, sosial ha politik
'n eus lakaet 'n trao? Da virvi? Peplec'h barzh hor broig
C'hoant 'm eus bet da skoazella ar bobl bet ma mager
A' gwraet'm eus ewel tud all 'pezh 'oan barreg d'ober
Ma n'eo ket bet kompren't mat gant 'n oll dud dre aman
Ma sro dre an Olympia so bet'n taol braw'wid 'vro-man
Sikolojek eo bet an dra-se 'wid lakaad 'yaouankiz
Laosk ar balio? 'wid 'fest-nos ha n'eo ket nemed ur c'hiz
Ha memes an dud koshoc'h 'n'eus kollet o kompleks fall
Ha koma? S 'ra da jo? Jal int par da tudo? All
An dispac'h a so breman tuchantik 'vo trec'hus
Ba'bloawezhio? Pewarugent to 'vo sewel ur bed e? Rus.

At the end of World War ii, after all the fighting,
Bretons started up anew, a movement was uniting.

Suddenly and everywhere a revolution blooming,
People thinking who they were and what they had been doing.

Round and round and hand-in-hand the people started dancing
And behind the pipe bands they were soon advancing.

Another thing was needed then, it was a demonstration
Of economic consciousness and organisation.

The tree we planted rooted firm back in 1950
And the branches spread and spread into 1960.

Glenmor ant his Breton songs, the Democratic Union,
Then the Liberation Front and peasants in rebellion.

And another step we took in May of 1968
We began to be believed and to speak were not afraid.

The temperature was rising fast, soon it would be boiling,
For social and political solutions we were calling.

Every man who wants to help does what he is able
And so I did what I could do just to help the people.

Perhaps it wasn't understood although it's really simpler
How I helped the Breton cause playing at Olympia.

To teach the Breton youth to dance, I did it for a reason,
Instead of dancing foreign steps and not just for a season.

And now the older people learn that they are not inferior,
We stand on equal terms on earth along with every other.

The revolution now we make is going to be victorious
And in the 1980's we'll build a world that's joyous.
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Eil Lodenn An Ugentwed Kantwed (Twentieth Century - Part Two) Lyrics

Alan Stivell – Eil Lodenn An Ugentwed Kantwed (Twentieth Century - Part Two) Lyrics