Dalc'homp d'hon Imram war lestr an Douar
'Vit pell 'maomp ni aman marse 'walc'h

0 veaji? En Hollved a-gevret
Leun eo 'are c'harr-nij, gwelloc'h n'em glevet

Dishe? Vel omp breton pe gall, du pe gwenn
Kendere omp, pep hin' zo mabden

Continuant le voyage sur le vaisseau terrestre
Pour longtemps nous y sommes, c'est probable

Visitant l'univers ensemble
L'avion est plein, mieux vaut s'entendre

Diff? Rents, Bretons, Fran? Ais, noirs ou blancs,
Un humain? Gale un humain.

Let's pursue our quest on the vessel of the earth
We'll be on board for a long time to come

Together we 'll visit the universe
Our flight is full, surely better get on well together

Different all, Breton or French, black or white
Each man equal to anonther
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A United Earth I (March) Lyrics

Alan Stivell – A United Earth I (March) Lyrics