Struts through the door, moves to the floor
He’s strong and sure - Always alone
Flashes a smile, hangs for a while
Blazing in style - onto his throne

He shows his face, all feel the grace
He sets the pace - Music’s pumpin’
This is the guy, lights up the sky
Rockin the night - It’s jumpin’

Dance for hours, flex his powers
Prince of the young and tough and pretty people
Leads the way to the day
Sets the night on fire

Boy! Knows just what to do
Boy! Young and s*** too
Boy! Knows in his heart all of this is just a small start
Diva! No star’s as bright
Diva! Rules all the night
Diva! Knows in his mind that the power must come from inside

Moon’s risin’ high, night’s flyin’ by
He takes control - Stars in his eyes
One boy transformed, one diva born
All is possible - On to sunrise

Casts his spell, breaks their shell
Prince of the young and tough and pretty people
Saves their souls, that’s his goal
Sets the night on fire


He brings his world to them and they all rise with him
He changes how they see, the way they live, they dance, they breathe
And in the darkest night he is the brightest light
And everyone can see the boy, the man, the fire, the star
The boy, the man – love’s power!


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Boy Diva Lyrics

Alan Guno – Boy Diva Lyrics