I'm not a stranger to passion I've seen a lotta love in my time
I've felt that physical attraction from a touch in the heat of the night
I've been all over this country I've started my share of new flames
But after all is said and done there's only one that remains
Dixie fire burning down in my soul Dixie fire it never leaves me cold
It took a hometown girl to show me how cool these hot summer nights can be
Now there's a Dixie fire burning in the heart of me burning in the heart of me
[ guitar ]
Searching for some kind of direction looking for a guiding light
Needed to see a lighthouse like a ship on a stormy night
Somehow you heard my music you felt the sadness in me
You took the words that were so cold and added a warm melody
Dixie fire burning down...
Burn burn burning burn burn burning
Can't you see that I'm burn burn burning
There's a Dixie fire burn burn burning
Don't you know that I'm burn burn burning burn burn burning
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Dixie Fire Lyrics

Alabama – Dixie Fire Lyrics

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