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Medium Lyrics

Al Khaaliq – Medium Lyrics

Steady coughing even though
The chest scan revealed two clear lungs,
Miss my step-pops
That's where I got this drinking beer from.
Reminisce too long
The tears come...,
Ghosts and spirits? I don't fear none...
Try to kiss em when they whisper in my eardrum.
I feel spirits when they touch me
Is it my grandmother? It must be,
She's trying to tell me
That she loves me.
Message received
Yes I get it indeed,
Though I'm trapped in this vessel
Made of flesh that can bleed.
I miss you...can't wait to join you
When I exit this world,
Fighting since day one
Came out the womb with my fist curled.
But now my body is weary
My mind is leery,
Of everything A to Z
Don't like my shadow standing near me.
I guess...this is my therapy
If so let it be,
Better than psychiatric drugs
That's available readily.
So, Doc what are you telling me?
My mental health's declining?,
Start talking to my finger
Like that boy from the shining?
I stay away from mirrors most days
Because you know what?,
I don't even have to say bloody Mary
For her to show up.
I'm not a psychic with
A deck of tarot cards reading them,
A big man who speaks to spirits
I'm an extra large medium.
I dialogue with people
Who physically aren't alive at all,
Not my blood father
We pay each other no mind at all.
The only time he picks up the phone
Is if vagina calls,
The only time I pick up the phone
Is no time at all.
I got no friends
And a few estranged relatives,
No health insurance
So alcohol is my pain medicine.
Still coughing
I don't even mess with Newports,
R.I.P. Ms. Marion
She used to call me New York.
I don't fear my own death
I'm not concerned with that,
Young old man
But time...I can't turn it back.
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