I am the sea swell, the furious wave
The murmur of it's surges
I am the roar of the sea
I am a stag of seven slaughters
I am seven battalions
The hawk on the cliff
I am a ray of the sun
I am the forest abloom
I am the boar enraged
I am a salmon with in the lake
I am the lake upon the plain
I am the flame of valor
I am the piercing sword waging wasr
I am a god that fashions heros
He who drives the cattle off from Tara
That heard touches each skill
He who fashions weapons of glory
Can shift his shape
I am the wisest of poets
And down through the centuries, across the ocean waves
The voice of old Dagdad speaks, an echo from the past...
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Song Of Amergin Lyrics

Akashah – Song Of Amergin Lyrics