What have I done?
You call and I come
Crawling back home to give back these bones.
Choking myself like a dog on a chain,
I wanna get to you, before you get to me
But there's something about the way that you say,
"dong be afraid.
No don't be afraid when this comes"
If love is a long kiss goodnight then sweet dreams.
They'll turn out the lights
When they are sure we're asleep.

But I still hear the voices that call from below,
And I want to let them know
That I'm never letting go,
But there's something about the way that they say,
"don't be afraid, no, don't be afraid when we call."

Come and rest your bones
Beneath this field of stones
This place will become your home someday
And there we'll stay.
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Rest Your Bones Lyrics

Aireline – Rest Your Bones Lyrics