Some people will never understand
I'm trying to find another end
Our future will lead us to decay
Now the time has come to find another way

Believe me I have tried to face reality
I know how they call it
They call normality
And what I saw was truely cruel
I am gonna play at my own rules

Wings, I spread my wings and fly away
Up to the sky higher than high

There will be a time to say goodbye
I have no regret I'm going to fly
Do not believe don't believe in what they say
Follow me now, out of the grey

Wings, I spread my wings and fly away
I will leave behind the world of man in decay

Take me high take me high
As I look up in the sky
And I'll find my way to heaven if I try
I will fly I will fly
I'm weightless as the night
I'm sure I'll find my heaven if I try - I will try


Wings, oh yeah
On wings I will find my heaven again
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Wings Lyrics

Airborn – Wings Lyrics

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