Are you listening
I've lost all hope in everything
Lying face first
On my bathroom floor
Cause I don't want to do this anymore

This razorblade
Is holding my wrist hostage
Till the ransoms paid
If it's not then I might take
My life today
Cause I don't want to do this anymore

Here's your last chance to save me
Take this blade out of my hand.
Tell me someone out there loves me
And that God has a plan
Cause right now I just don't believe it
So until I learn to stand
Would you Hold My Hand

So I'll sing a happy song
Pretend that it means something to me
All day long
When the night finds me you'll find
I'm all alone
And nobody's singing anymore

Just intervene
Even if you can't hear it
It's plain to see
I'm begging someone
Just to grab a hold of me
Cause nobody's singing anymore
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Hold My Hand Lyrics

Air Five – Hold My Hand Lyrics

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