How come we still fall in love
If every time love will fail us
How come we keep fighting for
If we know we'll lose the war

Do we have to fall apart
That completely when love fails us
It's not like someone takes it all
Feels like that but they were wrong

It's a whole new level of old statements
Whole new level of emptiness
Whole new level of self betrayal
And that's enough
Yes that's enough

How can you trust someone new
If the one you thought you knew
Broke your heart and stole the air
Around you, everywhere

It's a whole new level of drinking red wine
Whole new level of loneliness
Whole new level of envying other people's happiness
Yes happiness

Tell me how you fell in love
You knew that you will lose it all
Like a soldier to his grave
Took your heart and came

It's a whole new level of looking forward
Whole new level of being brave
Whole new level of wishful thinking
And that's enough; yes, that's enough

So I will fall in love
Even though love might fail me
But I have seen the crimes of war
Now it's peace I'm fighting for
Now it's peace I'm fighting for
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Marlene Lyrics

Aino Venna – Marlene Lyrics

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