Outspoken Dreams
I here in the night
Lost lonely love
Don't be afraid

The towers are there
You will find a way
Outspoken dreams
Don't be afraid

Just let me come in
And ease your pain
The night's are so cold
The day's are rough

I've found my outspoken
I've come this far
There's no return
My outspoken dream

Shall be no more
I came this far to close the door
My outspoken dream in that door
Don't let it out or there will be no more.

The settlers have touch me
Kick me out of there door
To fight my own battles
I'll retake the war

With my outspoken dreams
I've made it this far
There will be no return
From the land I hail from

In my outspoken dreamland
There is no war, the fighting is over
My dream put to rest
The tears flow on down.

My outspoken dream (Is Crushed)
My outspoken dream (Was Demolished)
My outspoken dream (Has left)
My outspoken dream is
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Outspoken Dreams Lyrics

Ahmaad Aspen – Outspoken Dreams Lyrics