No need to buy expensive cars
Have champagne in exclusive bars
You're borin' me to death
To be honest what a farce

All inclusive and first class
One way ticket (Yes!) to mars
The privilege of the upper class
To be honest what a farce
You can shove this up your arse

Do you really think I'm in the long queue
Waiting to catch a seat beside you
Things you talk about make me smile
It's you my friend who looks on mine
But I'm no mirror so look at you
Change now the things you never liked
To do

Show no weakness is your advice
Big smile, white teeth and telling lies
Tell, how could a lie be a strength
All we need's inside ourselves
Good things, bad things, mistakes, too
Perfect's boring, have a look at you
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Up Ya Arse Lyrics

Ahead To The Sea – Up Ya Arse Lyrics