They are thirteen: the pontiff, his priests
The candles they bear enlight their violet gowns

Pontiff: 'Judicamus Donec A Diaboli Laoueis Resispiscant'

At last the words are spoken
The candles hit the ground
The ties with Church are broken
To faith we're no more bound

Foolish senile bastards
Shepherds of the weak
Your arrogance will be your ruin
So listen as we speak:

"Numquam A Diaboli
Laqueis Resispiscerent"

An oath of utter destruction
Is what we proclaim on you
A curse forever lasting
Impossible to break through
Your carcass we will skewer
Your tough meat we will skin
Perverting your body-temple
Our goal: the highest sin
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Oath Lyrics

Aguynguerran – Oath Lyrics

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