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Kimono Dance Lyrics

Agustus Thelefant – Kimono Dance Lyrics

Didn't know what hit you, stick him with the ginsu,
Hit em up, given him jujitsu,
Pistol whip him with the issue
Split him with the tissue,
Ninja home in like a missile,
Open little dojos slick to kick and rockafellar,
Propeller kick to drop and operate and say an acapella,
Sock a fella, smash em like a watermelon,
Hold the hammer like, digi afro samurai... "is he down?"
Surrounded in the battle, fights,
Slash lacerated ninja mascarade and cauterize,
Faster than the speed of light,
Beat him with the blade shave him from his ligaments and kick his leg,
Break from all points, invisible fist,
Shake the dandruff out, I'm killin this kid,
Ill-matic, clinically damage his chin from kick technical
Spin metal to twist...

When he's living and giving it all that he's got cause
In a minute it could all be gone,
Get up get out get out of town get down get on (repeat)

When he's still in it and building still killin the score,
Filling em all digging a ditch when he stick in his sword,
"do you really want it?", naw, he kill a million more
For the head band when a dead man sent to the morgue,
And fell short for the minute disfigure and dig his liver for dinner
And bit into his inner organs sorta more for the skin,
Blood we love that we run that through,
Do it for the love because the blood is beautiful,
Like Kuma with a double fist and troubled with his school,
Shoulda coulda woulda done it if it wasn't for his tool,
Like jewels, "I strike down with furious anger",
Right now, sound off, murder a stranger,
Lurk in the shadows out of battle it's still a battle,
But he kill about a billa till the clip is out of ammo,
A shogun, ya know what he holds no fear,
Do it for the love because the blood is on his beard

Repeat chorus
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