Raging about us
The signs of war are coming,
Space migrator
Your presence ever, haunting...

Bloodpools of tears
The gods cursed forever,
The walls of Giza
Their message was so clear,

From the walls of the ocean
From the waters they rise.
Share their wings they will take us
Hundred light years in minutes,

Split through the Cosmos
The Universe is falling,
Earth base ii, the city underwater,

See Atlantis is rising
Watch the skeptic Is sinking,
From atop of the Andes
Stands our city of gold,

[Chorus:] you can't stop it,
It's already coming
Toolate! No hiding
They're cmng from the air...
Unstoppable force!!!

[Chorus:] you can't stop it
It's already coming
Too late! No hiding
They're coming from the air...

As you fly straight into
A sudden change in the weather,
Feel the power will crush you...
Accept, you don't stand a chance

[repeat chorus]

Unstoppable force...
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Unstoppable Force Lyrics

Agent Steel – Unstoppable Force Lyrics