They are the ones, monarchs of terror
Banners of dark crowning the legions of plague

"Follow our path! We'll give you triumph!"
Bringers of lie, aiming the core of our will
Torn from this bane I am a wild flame
Hypnotic mass watching the world on their knees

Circles concealed, tyrants of Earth
We are the spirits untamed!
Hermetic clans forming our views...
Only the pure can perceive!
Secret elite spawning our needs...
Follow the calls of yourself!

In their venomous world

Craving and vain, promised all splendors
Thirsty for more, ready to fail own beliefs
Free from this waste I am a cyclone
Time to choose now! Follow, or lead on the path!
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In Their Venomous World Lyrics

Against The Plagues – In Their Venomous World Lyrics