As a Dark elf I can resist magic and I have the umbra sword
And as an Argonian I am half lizard man and I can walk on water
You cannot stop me, From closing shut, The gates of oblivion, you will not stop me
No imps, or wizard will stop me, No high elf or anything
To save king martin, after Uriel Septim has died now we must move, on
Save Tamriel, from Mehrunes Dagon, Ocato will reward me well,
And hey this game never ends anyway
Anyway, free roaming rpg, Free roaming rpg
I have, become the master of each individual guild

Fighters, mages, thieves, and the arena, I, am unstoppable
Now I have the side quest to be completed,
Paranoid wood elves, meade to drink,
Nirnroots, smelly scamps, staff of worms,
An endless ton of magic done,

Elder, Elder, Scrolls
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Oblivion Is My Only Friend Lyrics

After Chidori – Oblivion Is My Only Friend Lyrics