I don't need anything from anyone,
I can feel your hate, seeping in from across the room now,
There's no escape from your widest fears are coming,
He spits in your face, stealing all the pride you know you won't lose that
All your hatred turned to, Red, You cannot see straight anymore,
You're being swayed by the devil himself now, please let me go
Bloodstains on my shirt, round and round and round
We'd go if not held back, all for just a second,
I hate this feeling, anger shouldn't be fun please go away now
Violence in this society, It does nothing to save us from the likes of you...
Gangs, bullies, tough guys who think they own, the weak, you are the pathetic ones,
When will you learn? When your dead? Or when it's one of your friends?
How dare you, train kids to, Be, like you
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Jab, Jab, Left Hook Lyrics

After Chidori – Jab, Jab, Left Hook Lyrics