I been bad, bad as any other but I don't wanna be bad no more
And I been guilty, cheatin on my lovers but I don't wanna mess around no more

Because I finally found a lady that means everything
I promise I will never break her heart
This time I 'll be commited and that's what I'll be
I found my angel I found my star

You know you're truly somethin' special
And I'll keep you right here
In my heart baby, and you know I'm sincere
You know you're truly somethin' special and I'll keep you right here
In my heart baby, and I'll hold you so dear to me (hook)

I can be good
Good as any other, but I been bad for so long
I wanna be good. your one and only lover and I want you to keep me strong

There are no indecisions I've made up my mind
Your the only girl for me yeah yeah
It's time I started listenin to this heart of mine
I finally found the girl of my dreams

Repeat hook 2x

Oh I wanna know, do you wanna go with me baby
Come on and marry me baby
This time I will be true
Girl always for you

Repeat hook 2x
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Truly Something Special Lyrics

After 7 – Truly Something Special Lyrics

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