"One sunny morning
I woke up to see
a bright little blue jay
singing with glee
he sang of far away places
of bright and gay
when suddenly all my sorrow
began to drift away
I walked to the window
on my way out of bed
just to close the shutters
and crush his little head

No, no no, I am not a morning person
(woah woah woah)

I was going upstream in my canoe
then my wheels fell off
I didn't know what to do
then I started wondering
how many pancakes fit in a dog house?
Then I remembered the time
When I was stuck on a desert island
and all I had with me was a car door
which made a lot of sense
because if I got hot
all I did was roll down the window

No, no no, I'm not a desert person
(woah woah)
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Morning Poem Lyrics

AFI – Morning Poem Lyrics