I don't think I understand
Why people kneel to vengeful gods
They obey corrupted leaders

All their power is a scam
Their profits on your backs
But we don't really need them

[pre chorus x2]
To all oppressors
To the leaders
To the governments and cops
To the priests
To all dictators
And to every kind of boss

The voices thundering
Let's march until authority's demise
This is the time
You can't devide us anymore
So you can't conquer
We finally see through your disguise

We just need to realize
We can think for ourselves
And we can beat them
A war has just begun
And it's time to fight back
And we will never kneel again

[pre chorus x2]

So many centuries of exploitation
So many lives lost for their greed
Killing the poor, destroying nature
Don't let them succeed

"People have only as much liberty
As they have the intelligence to want
And the courage to take" *

[pre chorus x2]

[chorus x2]

*Quote by Emma Goldman
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Authority's Demise Lyrics

Aethersin – Authority's Demise Lyrics