I'm looking at blackened sign
No one wants it ever to find
'Cause the lines on the stone
Display paths when death comes
Death that walking through pale crowd
Death which scares Youth and Proud
Scythe, ghoul horse and black rose
You shall meet them, don't you know?

Thy kingdom fell in thorns ov ice
Cold ruins stayed lonely long times

Following the dead man's way
I'm destroying all you obey
All the dreams you create
Turn to dust under my fate
Longest journey that I had
Lead my soul to no man's land
Castles were judged to disappear
Only grim grass will be there

I'm walking to the dead man's lair
I am destroying all that you obey
Your castles were judged to disappear
Eternal grass will meet you here

But if you want – you can break the chains ov
Suggested idol – that dying on the cross
Will always be dying – kill him and no wait
The blade ov life rusts with no purpose
Before you die – you must let dark to be
You're almost dead and sleeping in misery
To rise again above your normal fit
In every side must to find several seed
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Forgotten Kingdoms Lyrics

Aeons Ov Frost – Forgotten Kingdoms Lyrics