Darkness unbridled, spat forth a light
And shadows were born to this alliance with fire...

So entwined, but of a raging kind, a match of challenge and power
Spawned the seeds, to a rebellious creed, a force warring and rising always above

And what slept in the dark awoke
Restless, defiant forevermore
With wings of dissidence unbound
Wielding clarity and black flame

At war

"... Traveller
Blood will flow but keep open your eyes
All idols fall before the hammer
In the end it all turns to ash... "

Adversary – Storm at heart

The god in man can carve the flesh of "angels"
And find they reek of rot and bleed of gold
As dogmas and salvation cry supremacy
Only to fall by their own weight and turn to dust

An eventide torn with claws of fire
Brings a tempest of deliverance to all
At the reins the hand of the destroyer
Who rises as a warrior above all
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All Idols Fall Before The Hammer Lyrics

Adversarial – All Idols Fall Before The Hammer Lyrics